Exclusive Offers for our Diamond Club Members

Our Diamond Club Offers are shown below.

11cm Fruit Starter Plants

Start your own fruit garden with our great selection of fruit shrubs. Choose from Raspberries, Blackberries, Redcurrant, Blackcurrant, Blueberries and Kiwi.  Can also be grown in containers.

Non-members pay: £4.99 or 3 for £12

Your Exclusive Club Price: 3 for £10

Offer ends 17/05/2021

3 litre Blueberry

Blueberries are delicious and high in antioxidants.  Choose from our range of varieties and harvest your own.  Can be grown in pots or in the garden.

Non-members pay: £12.99 or 2 for £20

Your Exclusive Club Price: £8.99 each

Offer ends 17/05/2021

Cottage Garden Perennials - 3 litre pot

Whether you’re planting a new border or simply looking to fill some gaps in your current garden, our selection of premium cottage garden perennials are guaranteed to provide the perfect choice!

Choose from our fantastic selection of cottage garden classics and fill your garden with long-lasting summer colour.

Non-members pay: £8.99 / £9.99 each

Your Exclusive Members Offer: 2 for £16

Offer ends 24/05/2021

Syringa 3 litre

These iconic and popular shrubs are an absolute delight for the garden in late spring. They produce masses of flower pinnacles with a wonderful sweet fragrance and come in a variety of colours.

They also attract a wealth of beneficial insects to your garden including bees and butterflies.

Non-members pay: £14.99

Your Exclusive Members Offer £9.99

Offer ends 24/05/2021

New Variety Geranium ‘Pretty Little’

A fabulous new compact form of Calliope Geranium. This plant has a lovely compact, bushy, spreading habit with an abundance of pink bi-colour blooms throughout summer.

Perfect for pots and baskets.

Non-members pay: £6.99 or 2 for £12

Your Exclusive Members Offer: 2 for £10

Offer ends 24/05/2021

1 litre Herbs

Herbs smell good, look good and taste great.
Easy to grow in pots or in the garden; fresh herbs at your fingertips.

Non-members pay: £4.99 or 2 for £9

Your Exclusive Club Price: 3 for £10

Offer ends 17/05/2021

Vegetable Strips

Growing your own vegetables is rewarding, healthy and fun.
Simply plant outdoors in pots or straight into the garden or vegetables can even be grown indoors.
Choose from our wide range.

Non-members pay: £3.49 or 4 for £12

Your Exclusive Club Price: 4 for £10

Offer ends 17/05/2021

New Horizon Tomato Planter

New Horizon Tomato Planter is a naturally peat free formulation that gives your tomatoes triple the goodness. The planter has the perfect blend of Biofibre as well as West+ and Coir+ for the best yield of tomatoes. The planter is the ideal size for two tomato plants. Additionally, our new and improved bag ensures easier watering and deeper roots.

Non-members pay: £5.99 each

Your Exclusive Club Price: £5

Offer ends 17/05/2021

Blue Diamond Grow Greener Organic Tomato Feed

Our very own, Blue Diamond Tomato Feed is made from a blend of natural ingredients, sugars, amino proteins and phosphate. The feed contains added bio-stimulant to encourage plants to take up nutrients quickly and enhance plant development. Suitable for all plant types, it promotes full flavoured tomatoes, fruit and vegetables under glass and outdoors. Child and pet safe.

Non-members pay: £5.99 each

Your Exclusive Club Price: £5

Offer ends 17/05/2021

Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses - 5 litre

Roses are the quintessential cottage garden plant, with many varieties flowering in abundance all summer long.

Roses come in a variety of colours and most have a fragrance too making them perfect for planting in borders and containers.

Hybrid Tea roses are the more traditional style of rose, producing one bloom per stem, whilst Floribunda roses produce many blooms in clusters per stem. Whichever type you choose, roses will give you enjoyment for many years to come.

Non-members pay: £18.99 each

Your Exclusive Members Offer: 2 for £30

Offer ends 24/05/2021

Free Gloves worth £3.99

Comfortable and flexible, light-duty gloves that offer a secure fit with palm and finger protection.

Ideal for carrying out general gardening tasks.


Offer ends 17/05/2021

Blue Diamond Flower Seed Collections

This seed collection includes Cottage Garden Flower Seed Collection, which contains varieties specifically chosen to create a natural oasis for pollinators in a range of colours.  Simply shake to the ground, rake in, and water.

Non-members pay: 2 for £10

Your Exclusive Members Offer: 2 for £8

(Varieties may vary by store)

Offer ends 24/05/2021

Kent & Stowe Hand Corkscrew Weeder

A traditionally styled, high quality Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Hand Corkscrew Weeder made from stainless steel and beautiful ash wood. This tool is ideal to use for an easy and effective way to clear tap rooted weeds such as dandelions from your lawns and borders.

Non-members pay: £12.99

Your Exclusive Club Price: £6.49

Offer ends 17/05/2021

Green Rain Can - 7 litres

Features 2 functions: It collects rainwater and is used as a watering can with a volume of 7 litres.

Ergonomic lid for quick and optimal rainwater recovery.  A double handle facilitates pouring.

Non-members pay: £11.99

Your Exclusive Members Offer: £8.99

Offer ends 24/05/2021


Dream Garden is delighted to offer Blue Diamond members a 30% discount off annual magazine subscriptions.

The magazine, which debuted this month, is aimed at anyone planning a garden update. It promises to provide consumers with inspiration, insight and top tips for working with professional designers and landscapers, shedding light on the importance of working with professionals to ensure the job is done properly and will ultimately add value to your home.

It will provide inspiration from the portfolios of landscaping professionals, insight into the latest trends and products on the market and will give the reader invaluable tips on what to expect when working with professionals, including everything from budget chats to who makes the tea.

Highlights from the first issue include an interview with BBC2 Your Garden Made Perfect star and award-winning garden designer Tom Massey, where he tells us about the design process and how he brings a project to life. It also unveils the 2021 garden design trends, and how the last year of lockdown has influenced them, as well as showcasing some perfect finishing touches, including hot tubs, sofas and stylish fire pits.

Offer ends 17/05/2021

Butterflies Copa Gin Glass

A gin glass fit for any social butterfly.

Cheers to the beauty of nature, bright and beautiful.  Each glass is presented in a gift box.

Non-members pay: £9.99 each

Your Exclusive Members Offer: 2 for £12

Mix and Match

Not available at Weybridge Garden Centre

Offer ends 24/05/2021

Hydrangea Copa Gin Glass

Beautiful in blue, we recommend pairing our Hydrangea glass with a premium Gin and a floral tonic.

Garnish with pretty blue flowers to make your drink look even cuter.

Non-members pay: £9.99 each

Your Exclusive Members Offer: 2 for £12

Mix and Match

Not available at Weybridge Garden Centre

Offer ends 24/05/2021

Gardener’s Friends Collection - Exclusive to Blue Diamond

A beautiful range of multipurpose platters and coasters that are lovingly handmade from natural marble stone, meaning each may vary slightly in colour, texture and character.

Designed exclusively for Blue Diamond. This distinctive design takes inspiration from wildlife, flora and fauna found in our Great British gardens and allotments.

Each is finished in a heat-resistant sealant which makes it highly versatile and means it can be used in various ways, including; cheese board, serving tray, display piece, pot stand, cake stand, placemats, food platter, coasters, breadboard– the possibilities are endless!

Your Exclusive Members Offer: 20% off the range

Not available at Weybridge or Rake Garden Centres

Offer ends 24/05/2021